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Refill and Combinator Backdrops shown here are created by Willbe (William Lamy), and are 100% freeware.
Commercial use (like, selling it on a pay-website or a physical media) is strictly unauthorized.
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Enjoy your downloads, happy composing !

Garage Drums is a refill dedicated to perform acoustic drums in your Reason environment. Recorded in 24bit 96Khz with multi-layers, these are 15 drum kits built with 600+ samples. Compatible with Reason v3 and higher.

Visit Garage Drums website


Willbe Reason Songs
is a collection of 7 songs of mine, in Reason full-source RNS format, for you to dig inside. The tracklist features old and recent works, including audio mastering chain.

Tracklist: Aeroplane, Brainy Hack, Nazca, Numerica Theme, To the edge of binary, Tribal city, Wicked cabaret posse.

Download (39,8 M)


Willbe Refill 2003 contains :
Multi-sampled instruments for NN19/NNXT :
- Kawai Grand Piano (88 samples, 129Mb, stereo)
- Harspichord (61 samples, 34Mb, mono)
- Harp David (47 samples, 87Mb, stereo)
- Marimba Soft (20 samples, 1Mb, mono)

- Marimba Hard (17 samples, 1Mb, mono)
- Psalterion (17 samples, 17Mb, stereo)
- 113 Dr.Rex beats
- 19 synth patches for Subtractor and Malstrom.

Download (68,6 M)